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Adequate Protection from accidental Drownings

How pool fences provide protection from accidents.

Did the Hotel Pool Fence Provide Adequate Protection from Accidental Drownings?

As a parent, one of the most devastating things you can experience is the loss of your child or a serious injury that your child sustained as a result of someone else's reckless or negligent behavior. What started off as a fun family vacation and time in the pool can turn disastrous in the event that your child suffers after an accidental drowning incident.

A hotel pool fence may have been broken or otherwise insufficient to keep guests out of harm’s way. This may ultimately lead to accidents and injuries. If this has happened to you or a member of your family, getting legal counsel to understand your next steps and whether or not you may be able to recover compensation could be critical. Most people don’t even realize the significant consequences of an inadequate hotel pool fence until it’s too late.

Hotels Can Be Held Liable for Injuries

Many hotels understand that having a pool on the premises increases their liability while it also serves as a major benefit for guests. Parents need to ensure that they are monitoring their children appropriately. Hotels should take all adequate steps in order to warn guests about the risks and to minimize the chances of a serious accident.

Hotel pools over a certain size, for example, will typically warrant the use of a lifeguard or multiple lifeguards on the side while the pool is open. One of the major ways that hotels protect against serious injuries or injuries that occur when the pool is not open, is by using a locked fence.

What if the Fence Was Broken or Not High Enough?

If the fence was inappropriate, however, guests could be swimming in the pool and could become significantly injured when there is no one on duty or when there is inadequate lighting to prevent an accident. The hotel pool's fence should have clearly posted signs about liability as well as the open hours of the pool. If it is too short or has breaks in it and a guest becomes injured in an accident, this could pose unique legal questions as far as a personal injury claim.

Any person who has been significantly injured in a hotel pool accident or the parent of a young child who has been recently injured should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an incident occurs to determine whether or not there are grounds for filing a personal injury claim. Hotel managers and owners are responsible for protecting against risks or making guests aware of risk where they exist.

Consulting with an experienced attorney who has handled cases like this before can help you understand situations in which the hotel failed to meet their duty of responsibility to protect you and your loved ones from serious injuries. An inadequate hotel pool fence that led to significant injuries or an accidental drowning could become a key feature of your personal injury claim. Finding the right lawyer to help you in this situation is strongly recommended.

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