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Inadequate Lifeguards

When a hotel does not have qualified personnel.

Our Resort or Hotel Had Inadequate Lifeguards - Next Steps Post Accident

Lifeguards may be worth the investment when it comes to managing a hotel property with a pool- having someone on site in the event of an emergency can prevent injuries and even save lives, but it can also give hotel owners some peace of mind, too.

Are Lifeguards Required?

Hotels may be responsible for having lifeguards on their property based on the individual circumstances of their pool. Management is responsible for analyzing the pool on the premises for several different categories, including equipment, signage, usage and size. Examples of signs should include those regarding whether or not lifeguards are on duty or whether individuals under certain ages are eligible to use the pool without an adult being present.

How Size Relates to the Need for Lifeguards

Any individual that has a service area larger than 2000 square feet in general, is required to have a lifeguard. The configurations in actual size of the pool may require that more than one lifeguard at a time may be needed, but the general threshold size about the presence of a lifeguard regards at least 2000 feet of pool space. The number of individuals using the pool can also dictate whether or not a lifeguard is needed. The actual number may vary.

Some jurisdictions, for example, would mandate a lifeguard for every 25 people, whereas others would have one lifeguard for every 60 people. In the event that an accident has happened and that a victim or victim's family is alleging that inadequate lifeguards were on duty, make sure you have all the appropriate evidence regarding the decision that you made about the number of lifeguards being on the property and the factors that were evaluated when determining how many to have on staff at any given time.

What to Keep Track of in the Lifeguard Hiring and Management Process

All circumstances regarding the lifeguard's check-in procedures, their training and the number of times they rotate throughout the pool should also be included as this can help to illustrate how seriously you took having the right number of lifeguards with the right background and movement around the pool as well.

Having a well-documented procedure and a system in place can be extremely beneficial if you have to move forward with a personal injury claim after someone has been hurt on the hotel premises or property. It is an unfortunate experience in any situation in which a guest has been seriously injured, but consulting with a knowledgeable hotel swimming pool accident lawyer may also be a critical component of protecting yourself. In the immediate time period following an accident, you need to take actions to protect yourself as well as to illustrate that you have done all of the appropriate work well in advance in order to minimize the potential of an accident.

This can be an overwhelming and a confusing experience without consulting with an attorney , which is why it is strongly recommended that your hotel always consult with a lawyer who has extensive experience in this field.

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