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Four Common Injuries

Injuries that commonly happen at hotels and resorts.

Four Common Injuries On a Hotel or Resort Pool Properties

It is important for those managers and owners of hotels and resorts to understand all of the risks to which they are exposed on a regular basis. This means clearly identifying potential problems associated with injuries on the property. In the event that a victim is seriously injured and brings forth a personal injury claim, the hotel may be held responsible for the injuries sustained. This is why it is important to take a comprehensive view towards protecting all potential guests from reasonably dangerous conditions. Monitoring the property on a regular basis with inspections and making a commitment to fix problems sooner rather than later can be extremely beneficial. What follows are four of the most common types of injuries that occur on hotel and resort properties.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen for a number of different reasons including uneven flooring, slippery or wet floors, debris or objects left in walkways, torn or frail carpet or cords that are not properly secured to the wall. Individuals may also be at risk of falling from heights and these types of injuries are particularly common in stairwells.

Pool Accidents

Resorts or hotels almost often have at least one pool or a hot tub for guest enjoyment. However, this also comes with a high risk of drowning or other accidents. The owner of the pool has a legal responsibility to protect the pool and any surrounding areas, ensuring that gates, signage and lifeguards are always available.

Pool accidents can lead to a lot of serious legal questions, particularly as it relates to whether or not the hotel or resort owner is in some way responsible for the injuries or deaths that occurred. Gathering evidence and talking to a lawyer about your rights is the only way to be sure whether or not you have grounds for a legal case. Don’t let the hotel or resort owner or manager pressure you into signing anything until you are able to talk to your own lawyer about the case. There’s a lot on the line with a pool injury claim and having the right lawyer to walk you through it can help.

Inadequate Security

Resorts and hotels have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to keep guests safe from violent actions on the premises, including threats or assaults. Having appropriate security in the form of employees as well as security cameras is strongly recommended.

Defective Furniture

Updating hotel room design is very expensive within a property and this is why many resort rooms have not been updated in numerous years. However, crumbling concrete walls or dangerous furniture could lead to guest injuries and this could form the basis of a personal injury claim.

A lawyer can help you figure out whether the hotel is in the wrong with a recent injury claim. It can be hard to determine this on your own, so don’t wait to get help from someone who can assist.

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